Youth Excited about Sports (Y.E.S.) is dedicated to teaching the fundamentals of life skills by incorporating Christian values such as sportsmanship, teamwork, cooperation, fair-play, and character-building while having fun. Our vision is to create an atmosphere where kids love to learn and grow.

Y.E.S. will change the very nature of what it means to be a youth advocate by relentlessly promoting positive character qualities to all children. We will do this by providing opportunities to develop traits and attributes useful in all dimensions of life. Motivated by the joy and passion of caring adults, young people will discover a place to test themselves and to experience getting back up after getting knocked down. Goal-setting, discipline, leadership, teamwork, and resilience will lead to success in school and the workplace, as well as in the community. Many successful adults attribute their success to “life lessons” learned in the crucible of youth organizations – we will allow our youth to experience the same.

We will utilize collective resources from the community, businesses, sponsors, organizations, and anyone who wants to help our program to inspire and enable all young people, especially those from disadvantaged circumstances, to realize their full potential as productive, responsible, and caring citizens. To that end, Youth Excited about Sports will provide:

– A safe place to learn and grow.
– Ongoing relationships with caring, adult professionals.
– Life-enhancing programs and character development experiences.
– Hope and opportunity for all children and youth.

We will do this by…

Allowing young people to learn moral lessons and develop positive character. They will learn about what is and is not appropriate interactions between individuals and groups in society. They will learn about fairness and respect. Lessons about healthy relationships and appropriate behavior learned through youth activity programs can influence how adults live out their lives.

Providing directed efforts to create a program that is inline with traditional Christian values is and assessable for all races, sexes, religions and ethnic cultures. We’ll achieve this by having trained staff, parent involvement and qualified volunteer assistance. The result will be that we begin to develop values such as self-respect, character development, caring, and fairness.

Providing volunteer parents with the understanding that this program is like a classroom. Just as teachers may use books and chalk boards as their tools to educate. We use activities and events to identify and develop those characteristics that are valuable in all aspects of life. These lessons will go far beyond the immediate activity and in turn set the foundation for ongoing development to take place.

Providing experiences that develop physical, mental, and social well-being especially for those of disadvantaged circumstances. Assuring all boys and girls can afford to belong. Awarding scholarships based on academic achievement, athletic ability, character, etc.

Developing an aggressive youth recruitment plan to allow Y.E.S. to set and enforce life standards. Employing experienced and trained staff to perpetuate the development of quality instruction.

Building a youth sports complex that caters to youth by providing indoor soccer, basketball, batting facilities, rec room, and educational stations.

Maintaining a partnership with the community and local businesses to enhance program development for youth.