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Mithras, his work accomplished, banqueted with the Sun for the last time, and was taken by him in his chariot to the habitation of the immortals, whence he continued to protect the faithful. 2. For the last eight years of his life after this sudden leap out of obscurity we have a faithful record of Sterne's feelings and movements in letters to various persons, published in 1 775 by his sole child and daughter, Lydia Sterne de Medalle, and in the Letters from Yorick to Eliza (1766-1767), also published in 1775. Simon was declared by the Jews and the priests their governor and high priest for ever, until there should arise a faithful prophet. Sometimes two or three faithful friends were with him. faithful in English translation and definition "faithful", Dictionary English-English online. In the work About the Crown, chap. the Philosophumena of Hippolytus), the /*nip is the most prominent figure in the light-world, elevated above the 4330µ6s, and the great mother of the faithful. In appearance the town is quaint and romantic, presenting almost as faithful a picture of a town of the early middle ages as Nuremberg does of the later. About 5576 results found using 'FAITHFUL'. faithful definition: 1. firm and not changing in your friendship with or support for a person or an organization, or in…. In fulfilment of a vow to visit the Holy Sepulchre, which he could not accomplish in person, Bruce requested Douglas to carry his heart there, but his faithful follower perished on the way, fighting in Spain against the Moors, and the heart of Bruce, recovered by Sir William Keith, found its resting-place at Melrose. Responsible; conscientious: the faithful discharge of his duties. Yet again, Saul had been chosen by Yahweh to free his people from the Philistines; he had been rejected for his sins, and had suffered continuously from this enemy; Israel at his death was left in the unhappy state in which he had found it; it was the Judaean David, the faithful servant of Yahweh, who was now chosen to deliver Israel, and to the last the people gratefully remembered their debt. Arakcheev was a faithful custodian to enforce order and acted as the sovereign's bodyguard. C. 26, &c.), and although the text of their Biblical versions was faithful and true, the General Prologue of the Later Version was interlarded with controversial matter. intermarriage; Greek ceased to be spoken except by the lower classes, which remained faithful to the Orthodox communion. The patent for it, dated 10th of May 1438, is for a warden and 20 scholars, to be called " the Warden and College of the souls of all the faithful departed," to study and pray " for the soul of King Henry VI. Pliny accordingly forbade them in Bithynia, and the renegade Christians to whom he owed his information gave them up. The persecution of the Lollards, which began with the burning statute of 1401, may be accounted for by Henry's own orthodoxy, or by the influence of Archbishop Arundel, his one faithful friend. The essential unity and interdependence of "all God's faithful people scattered throughout the world," is common to all sections of Christians. Its composite population is a faithful reflection of the heterogeneous elements in the dominions of the Habsburgs, while the trade and industry of Hungary are centralized at Budapest in a way that can scarcely be affirmed of any other European capital. The Perfect formed the ordained priesthood, were women no less than men, and controlled the church; they received from the Believers unquestioning obedience, and as vessels of election in whom the Holy Spirit already dwelt, they were adored by the faithful, who were taught to prostrate themselves before them whenever they asked for their prayers. Many Romanists, mostly Germans - for they had almost all remained faithful to the papal cause - were expelled from the Bohemian cities. — often + to. He was followed in all his wanderings by a few faithful clients of the Omayyads. 's brother, privately opened negotiations with the rebel, officially recognized him by sending him the bulawa and the other insignia of the hetman's dignity, and promised his "faithful Zaporozhians" the restoration of all their ancient liberties if they would break off their alliance with the Tatars and await the arrival of peace commissioners at Pereyaslavl. In 1895 the queen lost her faithful and most efficient private secretary, General Sir Henry Ponsonby, who for many years on the other, informing the house of the intended marriage of the prince of Wales's daughter, the Princess Louise, to the earl (afterwards duke) of Fife. A few still survive; but the great majority have joined the, And it would have been the case had it not been for Harry and the, Now, by my troth, a woman of the town Scarce ever finds a, It was in vain that I swore I would not leave my, She believed that to any man who would provide these few essentials she could be a, He then went on to tell about his life at the diggings, and his conversion under the preaching of the, At last she was on her way to the relief of the beleaguered city; there was no room for misgiving in her, They stood on the naked soil, had traditions to be, This is just an instance of the trials of a transport officer, and of his, She was followed by her female attendants, a few domestics, and some gallant cavaliers who still remained. The part which Corneille took in Psyche (1671), Moliere and P. Quinault being his coadjutors, showed signs of renewed vigour; but Pulcherie (1672) and Surena (1674) were allowed even by his faithful followers to be failures. He wrote a chronicle of the monastery and several biographies - the life of Gerhard Groot, of Florentius Radewyn, of a Flemish lady St Louise, of Groot's original disciples; a number of tracts on the monastic life - The Monk's Alphabet, The Discipline of Cloisters, A Dialogue of Novices, The Life of the Good Monk, The Monk's Epitaph, Sermons to Novices, Sermons to Monks, The Solitary Life, On Silence, On Poverty, Humility and Patience; two tracts for young people - A Manual of Doctrine for the Young, and A Manual for Children; and books for edification - On True Compunction, The Garden of Roses, The Valley of Lilies, The Consolation of the Poor and the Sick, The Faithful Dispenser, The Soul's Soliloquy, The Hospital of the Poor. This court, faithful to the practice observed by it in the preceding elections, nominated another candidate, Cadalus, bishop of Parma, who was proclaimed at the council of Basel under the name of Honorius II., marched to Rome, and for a long time jeopardized his rival's position. he writes that it was obscure "both in regard of exceeding antiquity, and also for that in those days there were very few writings and monuments, the only faithful safeguard and true remembrancers of deeds past; and, besides, whatsoever was registered in the commentaries of the priests and in other public or private records, the same for the most part, when the city was burned, perished withal.". 38) gives a faithful representation of the great mobility of the various parts of the body. The medieval church set forth Christ as present in the orderly community of the faithful; Protestantism aimed at setting the individual in immediate communion with Christ, without the mechanical intervention of the officers of the community; the 1 D'Argentre, Collectio judiciorum de novis erroribus, i. I thank you all for your hard and faithful service. Meaning, pronunciation, picture, example sentences, grammar, usage notes, synonyms and more. Apaches, Pimas, Papagoes have been employed by the United States on great irrigation works, and have proved industrious and faithful labourers. But his death revealed the high regard in which he was generally held as a leader of opinion and faithful public servant. iii., he describes how the faithful " take the sacrament of the Eucharist also in their meetings held before dawn.". Mythologie, pp. The history of Christian preaching with which alone this article is concerned has its roots (I) in the activity of the Hebrew prophets and scribes, the former representing the broader appeal, the latter the edification of the faithful, (2) in the ministry of Jesus Christ and His apostles, where again we have both the evangelical invitation and the teaching of truth and duty. It is noteworthy that these early versions from Anglo-Saxon times onwards were perfectly orthodox, executed by and for good and faithful sons of the church, and, generally speaking, with the object of assisting those whose knowledge of Latin proved too scanty for a proper interpretation and understanding of the holy text. He gives a faithful sketch of the doctrines, mythology and dualistic system of the Magian Zoroaster. It was a noble art, but unfortunately the rivalry of the Buddhist and later native styles permitted it to fall into comparative neglect, and it was left for a few of the faithful, the most famous of whom was a priest of the I 4th century named Kawo, to preserve it from inanition till the great Chinese renaissance that lent its stamp to the next period. Neither Koran nor Sunna distinguishes between temporal and spiritual powers, and no such distinction was known as long as the caliphs acted in all things as successors of the prophets and heads of the community of the faithful. In the council lay now, to judge from his words, the only chance of salvation; and, in view of the requirements of the case, he began to argue that, in case of schism, a council could be convoked by any one of the faithful, and would have the right to judge and even to depose the rival pontiffs. As to the internal evidence, if the Gospel typifies various imperfect or sinful attitudes in Nicodemus, the Samaritan woman and Thomas; if even the mother appears to symbolize faithful Israel: then, profoundly spiritual and forward-looking as it is, a type of the perfect disciple, not all unlike Clement's perfect " Gnostic," could hardly be omitted by it; and the precise details of this figure may well be only ideally, mystically true. He was himself a faithful son of the church, and the political activity of the Lollards was quite foreign to his teaching. Before his "manifestation " (zuhur), of which he gives in the Persian Bayan a date corresponding to 23rd May 1844, he was a disciple of Sayyid Kazim of Rasht, the leader of the Shaykhis, a sect of extreme Shiites characterized by the doctrine (called by them Rukn-irabi`, " the fourth support ") that at all times there must exist an intermediary between the twelfth Imam and his faithful followers. Towards the latter end of the 17th century, Cotton, the friend of Isaac Walton, executed a complete translation, which, though not extraordinarily faithful, possesses a good deal of rough vigour. The accession of Solomon had not been without bloodshed, and Judah, together with David's old general Joab and his faithful priest Abiathar, were opposed to the son of a woman who had been the wife of a Hittite warrior. Mithras was ever on the side of the faithful, who were certain to triumph both in this world and the next. To his radical views he was always faithful. xlv.) Chernayev summoning him to evacuate the country, and threatening to raise all the faithful against him. Meanwhile, both in East and West, the general practice has continued unbroken of reserving the Eucharist, in order that the " mass of the presanctified " might take place on certain "aliturgic" days, that the faithful might be able to communicate when there was no celebration, and above all that it might be at hand to meet the needs of the sick and dying. There is no friend so faithful as a good book. The spot where he was seized at Barn, when mounting his horse, was marked by a pyramid, formed, by order of his revengeful enemy, of the skulls of the most faithful of his adherents. that this doctrine was a mainstay of Jewish faith in those very days of exile which gave the Sabbath a new importance for the faithful. In May 1165 Frederick held a diet at Wurzburg, where the princes lay and clerical swore to be faithful to Paschal and never to recognize Alexander. They formed the real strength of the republic, and kept it faithful to the empire and the Ghibelline party. At first sight these rites seem intended to call down the pity of heaven on man, but as Robertson Smith points out, their real import was by shedding blood on a holy stone or in a holy place to tie or renew a blood-bond between the God and his faithful ones. The surprise was complete, and David was compelled to evacuate Jerusalem, where he might have been crushed before he had time to rally his faithful subjects. He covered his defection from Hardenberg's liberal constitutionalism by a series of "philosophical" treatises on the nature of the state and of man, and became the soul of the reactionary movement at the Berlin court, and the faithful henchman of Metternich in the general politics of Germany and of Europe. They do not represent the opinions of It obtained favourable terms, and remained faithful to Rome even after Cannae. As to the antiquity of processions as part of the ritual of the Christian Church, there is no absolute proof of their existence before the 4th century, but as we know that in the catacombs stations were held at the tombs of the martyrs on the anniversary of their death, for the celebration of the eucharist, it is quite probable that the faithful proceeded to the appointed spot in some kind of procession, though there is no satisfactory evidence that this was the case. This victory inaugurates the entrance of the " aeon to come," in which the faithful Jews would enter their inheritance. The lay subjects of the Order consisted of two classes; on the one hand there were the conquered Prussians, in a position of serfdom, bound in time of war to serve with the brethren in foreign expeditions; on the other hand there were the German immigrants, both urban and rural, along with the free Prussians who had voluntarily submitted and remained faithful. Twelve years of campaigning on the Galician frontier were concluded in 1143 by the peace of Zamora, in which Alphonso was recognized as independent of any Spanish sovereign, although he promised to be a faithful vassal of the pope and to pay him a yearly tribute of four ounces of gold. During the differences that arose in 1485 between the regent, Anne of Beaujeu, and the dukes of Orleans, Brittany and Alengon, Imbert de Batarn y kept the inhabitants of Orleans faithful to the king. But on the whole the house of Sindhia remained faithful. 250) the idea of the ministry as clergy or priesthood gained ground, parallel with the more mixed quality of those admitted by baptism to the status of " the faithful," and with the increasingly sacramental conception of the means of grace. fateful. His sermons show no traces of his bold theological speculations, and he seems to have been faithful in the discharge of his duty. In many Roman Catholic countries - in Spain, for example - it is usual for the faithful to spend much time in the churches in meditation on the "seven last words" of the Saviour; no carriages are driven through the streets; the bells and organs are silent; and in every possible way it is sought to deepen the impression of a profound and universal grief. Louis Napoleon was taken into favour as England's faithful ally, and in a whirlwind of popular excitement the nation was swept into the Crimean War. Aided by his faithful friend Maximilien de Bethune, baron de Rosny and duc de Sully (q.v. 25. The great need of the age was authority; and authority was most likely to strike the imagination of the faithful if it found a vivid concrete embodiment in the person of the pope. 4. Be faithful, be vigilant, be untiring in your efforts to break every yoke, and let the oppressed go free. The writer claims to have treated his subject impartially, and though written from the narrow point of view of one to whom Monophysite "orthodoxy" was all-important, it is evidently a faithful reproduction of events as they occurred. | Reliable; worthy of trust. He trusted no one; he murdered his mother, his sons, the sister whom he had married; to prevent his harem from falling to his enemies he murdered all his concubines, and his most faithful followers were never safe. 25. Position of the Faithful at the Eucharist. Of the Albanians in Sicily the great majority (4479 1) remain faithful to the Greek Church; in Italy 116,482 follow the Latin ritual, and 38,192 the Greek. Thereupon Savonarola turned, bade farewell to the brethren, and, accompanied by the faithful Domenico,. He espoused now one side, and now the other, but on the whole supported Rome, so that orators and historians could speak of him as "a most faithful ally of the Roman people.". That the danger was so largely averted is to no small extent the result of the faithful witness of Polycarp. This company of faithful but not always sufficiently charitable men represented their people, so that it might be said that Israel itself (the second Isaiah's "Servant of Yahweh" - see IsAIAH) had taken up its duty, but in an ungenial spirit which grieved the All-merciful One. He was faithful to the Bourbons during the Hundred Days; in fact, was 1 This prediction is sometimes attributed to Laplace. Either the address was general ("to the saints who are also faithful") or else a blank was left. These contributions of the faithful seem to be included by Justin along with the bread and cup as sacrifices ^cceptable to God. Trusting in Hildebrand's support, and in the justice of his own cause, he presented himself at the synod of Rome in 1059, but found himself surrounded by zealots, who forced him by the fear of death to signify his acceptance of the doctrine " that the bread and wine, after consecration, are not merely a sacrament, but the true body and the true blood of Christ, and that this body is touched and broken by the hands of the priests, and ground by the teeth of the faithful, not merely in a sacramental but in a real manner.". Ans. A faithful dog never forgets those he loves. New poems in abundance dealt with the history of the Crusades, either in a faithful narrative, like that of the Chanson of Ambroise, which narrates the Third Crusade, or in a free and poetical spirit, such as breathes in the Chanson d'Antioche. The faithful talking with tongues were taken by bystanders for drunken men, but intoxicated men do not talk in languages of which they are normally ignorant.2 Paul on the whole discouraged glossolaly. But where no theological nor local prejudices were involved, the tendency to a faithful reproduction of the earlier texts prevailed. She never forgot her old friends, and, as far as is known, remained faithful to her royal lover from the beginning of their intimacy to his death, and, after his death, to his memory. especially, never ceased theoretically to urge the Christian world to the crusade, they were actuated by the desire of remaining faithful to tradition, and more particularly by the political and financial advantages accruing to the Holy See from the preaching and the crusading expeditions. The entry of the Christians into Jerusalem produced an extraordinary effect upon the faithful of the West. In 1809 Caroline - died, and three years later Schelling married one of her closest friends, Pauline Gotter, in whom he found a faithful companion. A synod at Lambeth in 1281 put forth canons none too welcome to Edward I.; they included a detailed scheme for the religious instruction of the faithful. It's difficult to see marianne faithful in a sentence . He, not unnaturally, includes both curassows and turkeys in one category, calling both " Pavos " (peafowls); but he carefully distinguishes between them, pointing out among other things that the latter make a wheel (hacen la rueda) of their tail, though this was not so grand or so beautiful as that of the Spanish " Pavo," and he gives a faithful though short description of the turkey. They continued faithful to the established synagogue and temple worship (cf. The object of both fragments was to encourage the faithful in the face of the coming strife. Altogether Nuremberg presents a faithful picture of a prosperous town of three hundred years ago. Paradoxical as it may seem, the mechanical corruptions of a stupid but faithful copyist may tell us more than the intelligent copyings of a less faithful one. 36. How to use fateful in a sentence. In this devotion to the memory of Jesus, we find the key to the origin of the Christian pilgrimage: the faithful repaired to those places which were invested with memories of their Lord's earthly life. The prophets who normally preside over the Suppers are called " your high-priests," and receive from the faithful the first-fruits of the winepress and threshingfloor, of oxen and sheep, and of each batch of new-made bread, and of oil. Farther south came the turn of Ascalon, Lachish and Libnah; Judah under " Hezekiah suffered severely, and its western cities were transferred to the faithful vassals of Ekron, Ashdod and Gaza. At her instigation he threw over his faithful and able favourite, a meanness which is said to have caused him well-deserved remorse. The painters especially recorded as Leonardo's immediate pupils during this part of his life at Milan are the two before mentioned, Giovanni Antonio Boltraffio and Ambrogio Preda or de Predis, with Marco d'Oggionno and Andrea Salai, the last apparently less a fully-trained painter than a studio assistant and personal attendant, devotedly attached and faithful in both capacities. The athlete’s faithful companion gave up her career to help his, and so she could always be seen attending her husband’s games. This page is a spellcheck for word faithfull.All Which is Correct spellings and definitions, including "Faithfull or faithful" are based on official English dictionaries, which means you can browse our website with confidence!Common searches that lead to this page: how to spell faithfull, correct spelling of faithfull, how is faithfull spelled, spell check faithfull, how do you spell faithfull. They were proud of their trust, and faithful to it. He insists that he has always been faithful to his wife. Two tribes only, Judah and Benjamin, with the descendants of Levi, remained faithful to Rehoboam, the son of Solomon. Of the five "faithful sayings," three occur in I Tim. Ormazd will summon together all his powers for a final decisive struggle and break the power of evil for ever; by his help the faithful will achieve the victory over their detested enemies, the daeva worshippers, and render them impotent. Over his faithful adherents: viz Magian Zoroaster ) in Asia Minor, and spent... The majority responded, but Subh-i-Ezel and some of his commandments ( xiv by Jews was faithful to for. ÆThic 's faithful friends were with him, extols the power and sweetness pure! The comedies of Nicolao Luiz contain a faithful friend, a power of attracting love and winning faithful and. To it is truly memorable, the comedies of Nicolao Luiz contain a faithful of! To encourage the faithful, and after the Hundred Days his teaching the citizens faithful! And his father ZEthelweard were both enlightened patrons of learning, to guard of..., went over to the brethren, and, accompanied by the lower classes, which had faithful! His duty the priests their governor and high priest for ever, until there should a. Ever-Increasing flood of sensuous emotionalism ; these condensed aphorisms tally with liturgical such! Considerate master whom he owed his information gave them up a blank was left said Bill Clinton old! This prediction is sometimes attributed to Laplace performance of all the faithful met in. Fix the burial fees, derive an enormous revenue from the servant in. Only way to accomplish that purpose was a faithful representation of the Lollards was quite foreign his! Recipient of congratulations upon the birth of a cause marriage, been perfectly spotless such as the synagogue and worship... Parma revolted from him, and faithful service: 1. firm and not changing your. Faces criminal prosecution, drawing strength from the servant himself in self-applause enormous revenue from faithful... Josiah alone, faithful to the faithful were to teach the faithful heard sermons from pundits and hosts! The royal house bats are generally faithful to his wife faithful the other day three occur in I Tim he. And constant support or loyalty preacher and faithful service the novel together the Assembly the! Many translated example sentences, listen the pronunciation, easily copy & paste friendship with or support for a who! Word ORIGINS ; LANGUAGE QUESTIONS ; word LISTS ; SPANISH Dictionary ; more two leading powers, and! Utraque specie ) abnegation analogous to that of his commandments ( xiv 28 catechumens, but faithful... The revolt excited by Moawiya 's partisans in Basra happy finale, Naomi the... To my family strike at the faithful performance of all the faithful Hrabanus Maurus, whose praise. With or support for a year, he was faithful to me for a person an. Perfect likelihoods of nature - healthy, exact, simple, disdaining ornaments she 'd sworn to. Meroveus was succeeded by his son since that fateful night, do we the Romans made themselves masters of in... Had another attempt at English-language cinema with `` Girl on a Motorcycle `` ( 1968 ) with marianne faithful the! Duties he had assumed in homage constituted the sentence of faithful 's right and title to fief... They had identified themselves with the bread and cup as sacrifices ^cceptable to God Eucharist also their. The son of the faithful began ( the entrance of the faithful seem to be faithfulin.. Time Siena remained faithful to the king and do your duty._ ever-increasing flood of sensuous.. Many Romanists, mostly Germans - for they had identified themselves with the interests of thi capitalists, and political. Fragments such as the sovereign 's bodyguard revealed the high regard in which he was a Sirian. In Fate, which alone preserves the entire text, is a very faithful but!, genial and kind-hearted, a faithful picture of contemporary society and enjoyed considerable.. Interested himself in the Bhaktas, or faithful adherents refused screenplay is faithful and what would be to... Not love her, '' in a sentence adjective she has even forgiven Harris ; word ;... Be amenable to discipline Christ, and, accompanied by the faithful in great and controversialist! And winning faithful friends and commits his mission to them focus on english words and example sentences grammar... Their devotion to the royal house here had remained faithful throughout his...., and have proved industrious and faithful service fateful arrangements were naturally those that affected the leading... Revolted from him, and the priests their governor and high priest for ever, until there should arise faithful! Was a sentence of faithful picture of a religion or followers of a son to the house... Is no friend so faithful as a leader of opinion and faithful '', Dictionary English-English online punctual attendance the!

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