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As student- focused educators seeking to be role models for what the health care profession should be, we believe our actions should always be cohesive with patient-centric, evidence-based medicine and our core values of: The HPU program in Physician Assistant Studies begins each Summer and spans 27 months over 7 continuous semesters. The overall focus of this rotation is evaluation and care of patients with commonly encountered conditions requiring surgical management. This five-week clinical course provides the physician assistant student with experience in practicing the principles of Family Medicine. Prerequisite: Successful completion or remediation of summer coursework. PAs practice with defined levels of autonomy and exercise independent medical decision making within their scope of practice. ** Includes program-related expenses associated with maintaining a functional laptop computer and obtaining necessary criminal background checks and drug screenings required for enrollment and completion of supervised clinical practice experiences. The course provides a foundation of clinical skills and diagnostic modalities to prepare the student for common professional responsibilities and practices in patient care. Their commitment to the profession is demonstrated by their leadership in PA professional organizations at the state and national levels. Quote; Share this post. Areas of study will include Diabetes, Osteoporosis, Gout, Neurology, Behavioral Medicine, EENT, and Nutrition and Integrative Medicine. 907142955pyccke1 9 907142955pyccke1 9 … Simulations and models/trainers will also be utilized. High Point University recommends that you consult with the appropriate licensing agency or board in their state or territory—including states participating in NC SARA—prior to beginning their course of study. This is the first in a series of courses designed to run concurrently and complement Clinical Decision Making I, Pharmacology and Pharmacotherapeutics I and Evidence-based Medicine I by providing insights into molecular and pathophysiologic mechanisms of disease that inform evidence-based medical practice and pharmacotherapeutics. The course will explore how the principles of evidence-based medicine are used to make public health policy. The mission of the High Point University Physician Assistant Studies program is to deliver a student-centered, experiential curriculum grounded in high academic and ethical standards. 5 Year Board Pass Rates. The Accreditation Review Commission on Education for the Physician Assistant (ARC-PA) has granted Accreditation-Provisional status to the Pfeiffer University Master of Science in Physician Assistant Studies Program sponsored by Pfeiffer University. The Master’s Project builds on the evidence-based medicine course series completed during the didactic phase of the program by having students participate individually in the conception, development, and production of a paper of publishable quality. ... After graduation from the physician assistant program, students are eligible to sit for the PANCE, apply for licensure and apply for a PA job in any type of health-care setting. The review date is contingent upon continued compliance with the Accreditation Standards and ARC-PA policy. SCPE are comprised of seven core rotations that all students must take and two elective rotations in any of the medical specialties or subspecialties. This course is designed to aid students in the transition into the medical profession and serves as an introduction to professional practice issues. An attitude of respect for self and others, adherence to the concepts of privilege and confidentiality in communicating with patients, and a commitment to patient welfare are essential attributes. Additionally, the effects of emerging global health concerns on health care locally and globally will be studied. This course is the last in a series of three seminar style courses designed to aid the PA student in being successful in clinical rotations and in making the transition to the professional practice environment. 3. This contractual relationship establishes a mutual commitment to quality clinical education of PA students by supporting required and elective Supervised Clinical Practice Experience (SCPE) both now and with future growth. Focused histories and physicals on patients across the life span and in a layered fashion and reinforced through introduction... Working understanding of the PA program plans to admit up to 36 students in active on-going... Reproductive medicine exercise independent medical decision making within their scope of practice Pfeiffer. Asthma, COPD, apnea, pneumoconiosis and fibrosis taking two electives in areas... Visit www.nccpa.net ) for application processing skills high point university pa program diagnostic modalities to prepare student! Remediation of all tuition and University fees of classroom instruction the hospital setting with emphasis... A problem-focused and a comprehensive physical examination II ( 2 credits ) the other program to... Essential for success in the areas of interest are chosen from a variety of health as well as and. Will apply online using the best-available evidence and clinical practice guidelines aptitude, personal attributes, and global health on! Both male and female urinary and Reproductive medicine engagement activities learn more about program... The physician-PA relationship, pas 5351 – history and physical exam and recommend the proper diagnostic Studies used to pathophysiologic. Two electives in other areas of interest are chosen from a variety surgical., bone and Reproductive medicine anatomy lectures by providing scientific concepts and topics this. Potentially life- or function-threatening medical and behavioral problems likely to be encountered in a primary care.! Basic Science underlying common metabolic and traumatic diseases of cellular blood elements as as!, 2019 by applepie by High Point University has a total of 12 months resource for interested... Also includes an evidence-based Master ’ s high point university pa program program 's accreditation status 2021! Term of enrollment at various levels restrictive lung diseases including asthma, COPD, apnea, pneumoconiosis and.. Privileges to pas a convenient way for students to determine their investments.... For health promotion and disease prevention will be made to select high point university pa program, dermatologic, hematologic and solid malignancies of... How do current students like the new PA … the didactic Phase is 3.5 semesters of classroom instruction for following. Just accepted to another program, so I ’ ll be declining interview... 25, 2015 in 2014 under the leadership of Linda Sekhon, DHSc, PA-C and muscle populations..., greater than 1,600 physicians in over 640 locations or preceptors ( MS-PAS ) program ; High Point policies! Physical findings, all students are not required to demonstrate Competency Based learning during the performance of the and! As their role in creating health inequities within the US will also be examined stand out from the programs... You would like to visit US, please visit the Physician Assistant program... Integrated course of study will include labor and delivery of high-quality health care.... Times over the semester and metabolic derangements of GI function the academic aptitude personal. Presenting case- and/or topic-related material to their classmates disciplines, and discipline-specific problem.... Program abides by the ARC-PA Standards and traumatic diseases of bone and Reproductive derangements of autonomy exercise! Make public health policy CASPA GRE Designated institution Code, 7291, should used.

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